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Thank you! 94% recall rate, must be a new world's record!

Jodi, Ipsos

Excellent people in terms of respondents being on spec even to the segment level, being talkative and friendly, doing pre-work, and letting us into their homes. So massive thank you there. It really contributed to the success of the project!

Carina Serreze, Fiftyfive5

Again thanks for all your effort on the job – it was fantastic to work with you and your team… looking forward to the next one!

Ben White, Ruby Cha Cha

...These were some of the best respondents I've ever had. All were articulate and they all participated well.

David Templeman, MediaCom

Just wanted to say thanks for everything on this project. All the respondents were fantastic, despite a rather challenging screener and complex segments. You’ve been flexible, communicative and helpful at every step of the way and this has really reinforced everything I love about working with THN.

Steph Karayannis, Fiftyfive5

Thanks for everything, we couldn’t have done it without you, you guys provided more than quarter of the sample from amongst 10 different suppliers!

Soo Bahk, ADP Group

I know yesterday’s groups were a bit of a challenge for you to recruit, I just wanted to assure you that your efforts didn’t go in vain – they were an absolutely fantastic bunch of women and we got a lot from the group yesterday. Thank you for all of your work, we were really pleased with the recruitment and are looking forward to tonight’s group!

Emily Sak, Pacific Magazines

We are very impressed with the completion rate for this community – one of the best we’ve seen. Thanks so much for all of your help, patience and hard work on this one!!!

Cheralin Folliott, Ruby Cha Cha

Thanks for the respondents today. They were fantastic and exactly what I was looking for.

Rigas Harbilas, Brand Odyssey

We have been using The Human Network since 2007 to recruit panelists for our consumer tests and we have always found you to be helpful, cooperative and efficient.

David Harris, Sanitarium

I want to say a huge thank you for a sterling recruitment job. We had 100% on-spec turn-out and people really seemed to enjoy the research – it was exactly what we needed.

Jeanine Whalley, IPSOS

Just wanted to say that the latest project you recruited (10 groups) was so great - we were super happy with the quality of the respondents and how articulate and on spec they were. Thanks again to you and the team for such great work!

Peter Drinkwater, House of Brand

Firstly I have to say a huge thank you for the respondents, they were great and right on spec. Everyone turned up, and in fact because everyone was ten minutes early last night we started and finished early.

Katharine Milner, The Leading Edge

Once again, last night was a great group. Thank you so very much for all your hard work. I am again extremely impressed with all that you did.

Paul Benning, IBI Partners

Tracey has really represented everything we look for from recruiters. She has been completely fabulous in checking on how things are going and working with us to find solutions whenever anything arises

Hannah Krijnen, Fiftyfive5

It was very successful indeed —in no small part due to your amazing recruitment. 100% amazing.

Rigas Harbilas, Brand Odyssey

The online communities were buzzing and it has been hard to choose respondents for the next research stage... since they have all been so good!

Belinda Heath, Real Ethnography

I look forward to working with you again soon - you always make things nice and easy for me. It's wonderful passing things to you and feeling assured everything will be done to the correct specs.

Why You Should Choose Us

  1. Fast, cost effective, targeted recruitment across Metro areas nationally.

  2. One dedicated Project Manager manages each project from end to end.

  3. Projects are all managed in house by the experienced team.

  4. Regular client liaison throughout the project.

  5. NCS International ISO quality accreditation of all company processes.

  6. Centrally managed large National database constantly updated and refreshed.

  7. Detailed respondent screening responses available for all projects.

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THN is an independent Australian Company established in 2000. Using the very latest web technology, THN organises consumer recruitment and a wide range of infield services to full service and specialist Market Research agencies, as well as independent researchers, advertising agencies and direct to client companies. We are NCSI certified.

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THN combines an extensive technology capability with well established and proven processes to ensure a consistently high standard of recruitment and face to face fieldwork for clients. Using our extensive national proprietary database THN regularly recruits for qualitative and quantitative projects throughout Australia's main centres.

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